I have been making handmade soy candles since 2003. I originally named my business “Home Sweet Home Scents” after having a graphic arts business online called “Home Sweet HomePage Graphics” where I created custom country and primitive digital graphics for online businesses, including candle and soap businesses, which led me to want to try my hand at candle making. 

Through the years I have refined my skills and simplified my process and product, focusing on all-natural, 100% soy candles with no unnecessary additives such as color or UV inhibitors, ensuring a clean-burning, enjoyable candle from start to finish.

When I’m not pouring candles and making other home fragrance products, I enjoy photography, taking in sunsets on the water, creating chalkboard art, teaching art classes, sewing, paper crafts, scrapbooking and anything else I can get distracted by when I should be doing something else that has a deadline!

I love having my Parfum Chandelle products at Rusted: A Vintage Market and being a part of the Rusted family.

Karol Harrison