I like leather because it’s timeless, classic and so versatile. And, it smells good!! I love taking a piece of leather that was intended for one purpose and turning into something different. I love the hunt for finding great pieces of leather too! I also like to use vintage brooches to put on my cuffs.

I made my first cuff bracelet because I wanted one. I used a belt I had in my closet. After that, I was hooked!

My Beautiful Mess came to me because so often I make a mess of things but when I allow God to take control He turns my mess into My Beautiful Mess. I use a dandelion bc they start out as a beautiful little flower and then turn into something a little messy, but so much joy is found in blowing those petals away!

I have been married to Derrick for almost 23 years and we have one daughter, Kamrey.

Come check out my creations at Rusted a Vintage Market.