Hi I’m Jeanne, and that handsome man next to me in the picture is my husband, Tommy.  We have been DIYers in our house pretty much our whole married life.  And we love the thrill of the hunt for our vintage items.

Over the years I painted some of our furniture, as well as our kitchen cabinets.  Initially, this was done because we couldn’t afford to buy new furniture and cabinets.  Since then I’ve found I love the look and can save money at the same time.  I’ve also had a hand in painting pieces for my grown children as they start setting up house with old hand me downs or garage sale finds.

Tommy and I love spending our time hunting for items for the store. We find things in our travels all over the Southeast. Tommy’s niche is old cameras, typewriters, books, and telephones. Other than finding furniture with good bones, I love to find unusual pieces to use as décor for the home. I especially love white Ironstone.

Jeanne Karst