Rusted a Vintage Market

Dixie Picks



Perhaps being a sentimental fool is what got me started with my love for old things.  As a child, I remember watching my grandmother make her famous tea cakes with a set of cookie cutters make from old cans.  She used an old Watt bowl to mix the dough and a red handled sifter for the flour.  She always wore an apron to protect her dress.  Thus it began. Yes, I have those cookie cutters and the aprons, but unfortunately not the bowl!  When I find a piece of similar likeness, I think of her and want to share my memories with others.  That is what vintage is all about, seeing something that sparks a happy memory and desiring to have that item for your own.

Dixie Picks is all about honoring the things of the past.  Jim and I enjoy finding items that have a history; how was it used, was it loved, was it necessary for everyday life.


We delight in the beauty of items that are from a different era and finding a modern day use for them.

If it’s rusty, then we will probably like it!  Mostly, we just love old things! Take a look at some of the beauties we have picked in the past, <HERE>.  Come in to Rusted and check us out.  Hopefully, we will have something just for you!


Kathy & Jim Walker