Rusted a Vintage Market

Petal and Stone

The world of Petal And Stone is a magical place where I can immerse myself in life, beauty, sunshine and creativity. Almost every morning starts with my baby succulents and cacti. Getting my hands in the soil and water, creating something special for someone else, and just good old fashion sweat in the Florida sunshine is good for my soul. It is so satisfying to step back and look at something that I created. I never really know exactly what the end product is going to be. Most of the time I’m like a little girl giggling when I see my finished creation or discover a new blossom on my cacti.


My baby plants aren’t the only gratifying part of Petal And Stone. I love to meet new people and share with them how they can bring life and beauty into their space. Whether it’s going to a market, helping a bride create something unique or consulting with a business or home owner, I find that time spent in the community energizing!


So, that once perpetual, entrepreneurial dreamer who also loved plants but couldn’t keep them alive is no longer just dreaming and has found her green thumb.