Many of my favorite childhood memories involve drawing, painting, using the scraps of fabric and paper that my grandmother would save in a box for me to “create” with, and cutting out endless families of paper dolls.

I have always loved to read and remember even in elementary school keeping a notebook of quotes that I loved!  As I grew older I started to love vintage and the idea of finding and reusing beautiful old book pages, wallpaper, stamps, and fabric. And so it is with great delight that I have discovered, and continued to tweak, a mixed media process of layering bold color, vintage ephemera, and my own quirky mark making that I can combine with a favorite quote to create a little piece of whimsy to put out into the world.

I usually create on canvas but also sometimes work on wood, paper or glass.  I have recently begun offering prints of my work on cards, magnets, flour sack towels, and on paper suitable for framing. You can find these treasures of mine at Rusted A Vintage Market.