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I am a Christian man devoted to my beautiful wife, Kimberly, for 38 years and to my son, Vinny. I have worn several hats in my career; the ones I have been most proud of are; architect, teacher, associate youth pastor and youth counselor.


My love for building furniture began pre-college while working for my best friend’s dad, Vern Spitzberg. He was a true craftsman in his trade and a true repurposer, before it had a name. Although I enjoyed learning his craft I was destined to become an architect and so I did.

Thirty-two years later, after passionately following my dreams, I found myself once again enjoying working with wood. Thus began my second passion, for the past three years I have been repurposing furniture, refinishing/restoring antiques and building specialty furniture. While working in my shop one day the Lord spoke very specifically to me and reminded me of a scripture, which has become my personal banner. “Behold I make all things new…” Rev. 22-5. Right away I knew this word was not about furniture but about the many lives I encounter daily doing what I enjoy and how I can be the positive change for others. Relationships are the most important thing we can share with one another. So, my job is to know Him and to make Him known by; sharing, caring, encouraging, and helping one another. Furniture has been the conduit to meeting people, sharing my faith and providing quality work to people who appreciate craftsmanship.

You can view some of my work <HERE>.


Larry Ward