Rusted a Vintage Market

Blue Sky Collective

I am a maker and a creative. By the age of eight I had already taught myself to sew and I could be found drawing endless floor plans of homes I planned to one day build and live in. I have always experienced so much joy creating. Seeing possibilities and potential is innately a part of who I am. So, I sew, refinish furniture, design jewelry, host gatherings and retreats, all with the goal of making the most out of what I have.


Over time, I have found that surrounding myself with things that hold beauty, have a purpose and carry memories with them is a way to feed my soul. I love discovering unique finds that others can use to create spaces full of beauty and warmth.
Rusted: a vintage market gives me a place to do just that!

(I have no recent photos of myself….I am not really much of a selfie person, it seems )


Kelly Geer